Entrepreneur Magazine Article

Check out what Entrepreneur Magazine had to say about Aaron Leupp. “Marketing an online startup naturally includes a social media element, but if you don’t have key influencers on your side, growth isn’t going to happen quickly. How do new businesses get hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook likes? Sometimes they buy them Read more about Entrepreneur Magazine Article[…]

TechCrunch Article

Check out what TechCrunch had to say about Aaron Leupp. “Getting users to sign up for your startup is really hard. That’s why young companies often create promo codes to entice users to recruit friends in return for free cash or credits. While we’ve all heard stories of that one person racking up thousands of dollars in referral credits for startups Read more about TechCrunch Article[…]

Business Insider Article

Check out what Business Insider had to say about Aaron Leupp. “If making $50,000 to spend on free Uber rides isn’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer to make six figures — in cash — by promoting another startup. That’s what two seniors from the University of Southern California did, according to a story by Fusion’s Read more about Business Insider Article[…]