November 1, 2019

Online English Learning Course

Our method at a glance!

  1. Most importantly we ignore your mistakes while speaking in English
  2. While speaking in English we ignore your mistakes but silently take the notes.
  3. We design your next lesson in a way that you will be provided the right form of English in an implicit way.
  4. We will be live via Facebook , Skype,Other ( Which you prefer)

Service from our experts!

  1. We are super friendly.
  2. Every week 4 live lessons of 30 minutes..
  3. After 20 minutes of learning rules & vocabulary the last 10 minutes is for live conversation.
  4. After every 3 lessons a live conversation with a native speaker.
  5. We have 2 bonus lessons to improve the writing skill of our learners.

The Beginning

Few days ago, I along with my team members plan to run a language learning course. The idea actually came from me. I have been working with Aaron Leupp, the CEO of Promoaffiliates Agency for 6 years. But 6 years ago the beginning was not that much easy for me. Though I was dealing with English literature, I could not speak fluently with a native. But after few months I noticed my change- can communicate fluently with them. I realize that it is not the grammatical rules and regulations rather it my regular speaking habit that enables to handle the language more effectively.

For that reason I plan to launch this English Language Learning Course where you will be given chance to speak with Aaron Leupp and with our other team members. I along with my team members will teach you the rules, then there will be 10 minutes live conversation. Our aim is to feel you friendly, confident and comfortable while speaking in English.

Welcome to Our Team.

Firoz Ahmed, Founder & CEO of OELC

Language Experts

Aaron Leupp

Graham Leupp

Kazi Mehenaz