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“Marketing an online startup naturally includes a social media element, but if you don’t have key influencers on your side, growth isn’t going to happen quickly. How do new businesses get hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook likes? Sometimes they buy them from a broker — but that tactic is highly deceptive. There are companies to which you can pay a fee and then have thousands of Twitter followers magically appear overnight, but then all you have at the end of the day is a big number, a thinner wallet and thousands of irrelevant followers who don’t care what you say and will never buy what you’re selling.

Business coaches and marketing gurus will always give the same piece of advice to those just starting out, and that is to engage with social media influencers. Those are people like fashion blogger Crystal Hefner, who with more than half-a-million Twitter followers (and some absolutely gorgeous photos on her Twitter feed), commands a great deal of attention.

And that’s great advice — if you can get a half dozen Twitter divas to talk about your product, you’ll have a great start. But what those business coaches fail to tell you is those Twitter divas have probably never heard of you, don’t care about you, and are besieged with hundreds of requests from other people who have something far more interesting to talk about.

So how do you get social media stars to pay attention to you?

Startup entrepreneur Aaron Leupp was lucky enough to do just that. So how did a young concert promoter from L.A. get the attention of someone like Crystal Hefner?

From part-time promoter to full-time influencer.

While attending USC, Aaron picked up extra money as a club promoter. He made it his business to know all the cool people, but he wasn’t afraid to reach out to the ones he didn’t know. “Years ago when I was doing music events, I had to get a lot of people to this venue,” he recalls. “Uber was just starting out and they had a deal that if you referred a friend, they could get a discount and you would get ride credit. I put that all over the fliers and promotion materials and I got people out to the event with free rides. We had so much success with that, we went to Uber and asked them to give us cash instead of credit and they bought the idea. It was great, because after all, you can only use so many ride credits.”

From that simple idea, Aaron launched Promo Affiliates , which promotes clients like Uber by working with social media influencers and on-the-street promoters to talk about the service and offer free promo codes on their social channels. The influencers get a cut of the profits, and incorporate casual mentions into their feeds. The results have been astounding, with one top 21-year-old affiliate making $4,500 a month just passing out cards on the street every day and social influencers on…”

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